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ONLYOFFICE DocSpace released

A bug of cursor in documenteditor

  1. version 7.3.3/7.2.2
    2.Open the docx document by holding down the space bar with the cursor beyond the right edge of the document

like this:GIF

Hello @parkavenue1990

We are checking the situation. I will inform you when any news come up.

  • Thank you for your reply and look forward to your optimization

Hello @parkavenue1990

I have just found out that this is expected behavior. For example, it also occurs in MS Word.

ok, I just found out.

In addition: the only differece right now is that in our editors when the cursor is out of canvas it is still visible when in MS Office it is not.

That’s true, but it doesn’t affect use.

I’m sorry, but I have one more question. Is your mobile app open source? I use mobile pages in documentserver with editing restrictions(I have compiled documentserver on ubuntu16.04), so is there an open source version of the App for compilation

Hello @parkavenue1990

Indeed, mobile web editors are not available in Community Edition (free open-source version) of Document Server. With this edition you can only view documents on mobile devices.
If interested, you can find all differences in editions on the compare page:

As for the mobile app - unfortunately, it is not an open source product yet.