8.0 - Titlebar bug

Sorry for a very un detailed bug report, but here is what I 've got several times since I installed 8.0:
No scenario so far, I’ll keep you posted if I find out a reason.

Hello, please provide the following info:

  1. What is the OS on which you installed our Desktop Editor?
  2. What is your display resolution?
  3. What are the scaling settings within your Desktop Editor’s settings?

Hi @DmitriiV

  1. Win 11 up to date
  2. Not really relevant here, happens on my laptop screen or on an external screen


Funny things : the editor with the issue show no title:

And without any explanation, during a same working session, some editors open correctly, others with the issue.

Hope it helps

Alright, thank you for the provided info, we are analyzing the issue. I’ll inform you as soon as I have news.

Please provide the files on which the above-mentioned issue occured as well as the video of the issue reproduction

Hi @DmitriiV
As mention, the phenomenon is randomly occuring.
Here is a screencap of many attempts before the issue occurs on a file that previously opened correctly.
It is not related to the file / file type and it can occur at any moment (OO already running or not).

This a an empty .odp file.
I cannot upload it as the forum is not accepting .odp file extension (a but weird for an office suite :face_with_diagonal_mouth:) but you can easily create it with a right click in the file explorer.

Alright, thank you for the info. We’ll continue to analyze

Please provide one more screen recording of the issue in MP4 format (full screen capture, so we could see the whole scenario of reproducing)

Also, please clarify, is it so that “In its own window” open file mode is set within Desktop Editor’s Application Settings?

Hello @DmitriiV

Please find an mp4 screen recording.
As you can see, the issue occurs randomly (I had to open 3 files before having the issue, but sometimes it occurs with the first file and not with the second).
Not that it is not file-related.

And yes, I open files in there own window.

Thank you for the provided info, we will continue the analysis of the issue.

we have reproduced the issue and registered the bug in our bug tracker. I’ll inform you as soon as the version with the fix is released.

I’m glad to ear that !