7.1.1 word cannot be edited by onlyoffice

When you deployed netxcloud and onlyoffice on Ubuntu 20.04 with docker, the newly created onlyoffice word could not be edited, and the area where the title was selected was gray. onlyoffice is 7.1.1, there is no error, the deployed system is win7. I use the same thing on my own computer, the system is win10 access is normal, ppt word forms can be used normally, but there is a problem in the customer’s win7 computer deployment, please help me to see what is the reason, thank you


Please update your Document Server to version 7.5.1 because version 7.1.1 is outdated.

If the issue is reproduced, check if there are any errors in Console and Network tabs of browser dev tools when you open a document.

Please also do not duplicate your topics and do not post unrelated messages in other topics.

win10 deployment can be used normally without problems,win7 deployment problems can not be used normally, this is generally what is the reason

Okay, sorry.

As I mentioned, you need to check the browser console for errors in this case.

These are gray and cannot be edited
These are gray and cannot be edited

I can use an input method here but I can’t type

The following is the error of nextcloud. I integrated onlyoffice in nextcloud
dns -get -record():A temporary server error occured.at /var/www/html/lub/private/Hectp/clicnt/dns/inm

cound not predict suspic lousness:No models found

local server exception no dns record found for www.startage.com cannot connect to:www.startage.com
Please help me look at this problem, thank you, and see if it is possible to solve this information without prompting the version. If I want to use the latest version of offline deployment, is it difficult? Please give me some better suggestions, thank you very much

We cannot proceed with analyzing the issue until you check the browser console. Also specify the browser you are using on your Windows 7 and the version of the browser.