Simplified Chinese translation optimization suggestions

In ONLYOFFICE, the function in the image is translated as “领导” in Chinese, which is somewhat inconsistent with its actual function. The translation of “引导符” in Microsoft Word is more appropriate in meaning.

Hello, thank you for your proposal, we will review it. I’ll share with you if there are some updates on the issue


Found another translation issue in the workspace .

After locking the edit, it becomes “释” which cannot fully explain the functional meaning.

When it is not locked, the Chinese translation is “锁定协作编辑” which is very accurate. Therefore, when it is locked, its Chinese translation should be “解锁协作编辑” to maintain logical consistency.

Hello. We have registered your proposal to fix the “Leader” parameter translation in our bug tracking system.

We’ll also analyze the second issue highlighted by you, thank you for sharing. Please create separate topics for separate translation issues

Hello, we have added your proposal for correcting this Unlock button’s translation to our bug tracking system