Set default font and slide color in presentation

Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma Desktop

I can’t figure out how to set the default font and slide color in the desktop presentation application.

The default font color is black and I’d like it to be white. I am setting it in the first slide but every time I create a new slide the font is black.

Same issue with the slide color. I want all my slides to be the same color so when I create a new slide it is the default color of choice.


Hello @akorn
Please check this topic, we discussed similar question: Permanently change default font
You have to replace template for pptx file with your one.

I read through the previous post with instructions. It seems a little extreme to have to do it this way just to change a few default settings.

I hope Onlyoffice adds a “Master Slide” like other office suites have which can be edited to desired default settings.

We are working on ‘Master Slide’ feature already (internal number - 45381). I will update this post when we have something to share about this feature.

Thank you. I will look out for your notification when this feature is added.

Until then, I’ll have to stick with LibreOffice which has the Master Slide feature.