How to find the information about users who are currently editing the document

To know how to get the users who are editing the document, according to this link, ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Frequently asked questions, we just need to send the object with “c”: “info”, the corresponding key and the token, and we receive the object which contains the attribute “users”: [“6d5a81d0”, “78e1e841”].

However, I am sending to the document command service and receiving the following object:

“key”: “482319898”,
“error”: 0

My document command service is in a docker, in a port 8082. My request is the following:


Where is the problem? How can I get the users who are currently editing the document?

This response that you got means that the info command was executed without errors, the actual response with the needed info (a document status and the list of the identifiers of the users who opened the document for editing) is sent to callback handler (ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Callback handler) as it is described in the documentation for the info command’s documentation (ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Command service), please check.

I understand.

Is it possible, in a springboot backend project, to send a request to the document command service and get a response about the users who a currently editing a specific or a range of documents?

No, it cannot be done.