How to configure custom, default options for the Doc Editors?

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How do i configure my instance so that, whenever an editor is opened by any user, certain options are pre-set.
Example: I want to force the option : Track Changes = ON for me and everyone as the default (and only) option for any user.
How to easily implement this?



Hi @shrey

Unfortunately, the capability to implement such a scenario is not available.

Would you like to have such a setting at the administrator level?
Could you please explain why you would like to utilize such functionality?

Yes, that would be ideal.

Well, basically, we need to ‘implement/force’ audit trails/accountability of the content creation/modification done by various team members.
Hence, it seems that the ideal approach is to have a system-wide, ‘forced’ setting for ‘Tracking Changes’.

Please take a look at this suggestion.
It might fit your description.

Thanks for the link.

Although, there’s no ‘suggestion’ in it, for me to use. Just a parallel Feature Request, very similar (not identical) to mine.

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We will consider your request for adding the feature. I will notify you as soon as there is any additional information available! :ok_hand:

Hi @shrey

We have registered your suggestion regarding the addition of access rights settings for the ‘Everyone’ group in Admin Settings.