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Editing Master Slides of PowerPoint Presentation?

OS version: Linux Mint 19.3
App version: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version (onlyoffice-
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Dear OnlyOffice team,

I recently downloaded the aforementioned version of OnlyOffice Desktop and installed it on my Linux system. So far I am pretty impressed by the professional look and feel of OnlyOffice :+1:. While running some checks on original MS Office documents, I wanted to edit the master slides of an MS PowerPoint 2016 presentation in order to replace the bullet symbols of all slides. This is necessary, because not all Windows fonts are available on my Linux system. However, I did not find a way to edit the master slides.

Is there a way to edit the master slides of PowerPoint presentations in OnlyOffice Desktop?
If so, how can it be done?
If not, I would appreciate if this feature would be added in a future release.

Thanks & Regards

Hello! Could you please send us a presentation as an example for testing?

Sure, I have prepared a simple pptx example. The only problem that I have is, I am new to this forum and do not know how to deliver that file to you . The upload feature of this editor does not accept a pptx file. So, how can I deliver that file to you?


Dear Tom, please send the presintation to our support system with subject - Request from Forum (pptx presentation).

Thanks Kate. I just sent an email with a presentation template to your email address.


Hello Tom!
Our QA specialists reproduced the issue and added a bug to our internal tracksystem (bug number - 44907). It will be fixed in one of the future releases, unfortunately, there is no exact date.
Thank you for the cooperation.