Can't Access File with Apostrophe in Name from Recent Files Panel

OS version: Linux Mint 20.3
App version: Desktop Editors
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

I have only experienced this problem with a spreadsheet. It may happen with other file types as well.

If a saved file has an apostrophe (single quote) in its filename, you can’t open it from the OnlyOffice Recent Files panel. You get a popup error box that stating that the file is not available and that it may have been renamed, moved, or deleted - none of which is true, in this case. (You can still open it via the Open Local File option.)

If the same file is renamed eliminating only the apostrophe, then you can open the file copy from the Recent Files panel.

Thank you for reporting the issue. It is a known bug:

Unfortunately, we haven’t fixed it yet.