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Accessing Community server and Document server in LAN/external

We have installed the workspace community edition and got the complete set of required servers.

Installation mode : Docker/CentOS (followed as per the document provided), no changes in default post / configurations.

Control panel:
Community Server:
Document Server :

We are able to access the community server with the local IP with login page and further features.
We need the following functions
1.Access community portal to create / store the documents - working fine
2. Use document server to write a custom code , integrate word/excel editor in our application. -
3. using community server API , store the final document back to the folder

Question 1
We are trying to access Document Server URL to integrate the word plugin inside our application . Since we have installed using the docker way , the DS is allocated an IP which is not a local ip or a public IP, is there a way to access or change DS port no so that we can access both CS and DS from LAN,
Question 2: If we do so it is required to reconfigure in control panel (under Document Service Location

Please note: We are new to openoffice , provide the links to the solution if this is already answered or as a part of documentation

Hello @sundar
This scenario is a little bit strange

Please note that Workspace Community Edition is a ready-to-go portal solution. It doesn’t assume Document server integration to third party app\storage. Please check this description by @Carl here: Unable to integrate Nextcloud with Workspace - #2 by Carl

So, if you are going to integrated DS to your app, please use separate Document server.
If you are independent integrator, you can integrate DS to your app in your own way. Probably these links will be useful:

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Thanks for the clarification, I understood now ,
We are going to try DS alone for the integration .
Meanwhile Can we use Community Server as a DMS ? which can be connected with API for sorting/ accessing the documents

Yes, you can use Community Server as DMS and use Community Server API: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Basic concepts

For example, file upload method: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Upload a file